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Battle Damaged Animatronic 1:1 Scale Alien Queen from AVP.


At Joshua Liner Gallery, New Works from Tiffany Bozic.

Artist on Tumblr

For this work, Bozic remembers a trip to Mount Lassen, California, with her husband. Recalling the experience—even though several years had passed—Bozic finally sat down to create this painting, remembering her imagination of “deep sea organisms slowly drifting up into the sky from the black current of the water.” She also notes, “I suppose the image stuck with me because it could be a metaphor for a lot of my different emotions… some light and warm, some deep and cold.” The contrasting tones and shades lend themselves to this mood, with negative dark space and dark trees emerging from the solid white snow forms. The ethereal sea shapes preside over the scene.

In an attempt to relay her consciousness’ perspective, this body of work is a rich account of Tiffany Bozic’s incredible encounters with nature. Bozic describes the source of her inspiration as a “complex and inexplicable world.” However, with Qualia, Bozic’s world is within reach and beautifully discrete.

ok i’m feeling incredibly and rightfully embarrassed right now, so let me just put things straight

i dont approve of doxxing minors nor do i believe that kids should be punished for what their awful shitty racist parents do

i’m not going to say anything more on the subject bc it is not my place. i feel like i might have overstepped my bounds and if i have then i apologize sincerely.

i should probably stop posting




sealpremacy replied to your post: sealpremacy said:didn’t know you …

yes i am, i don’t condone racism but doxxing someone who has a family so they loses their job ? Just because the dad is a fucking racist doesn’t mean tumblr has to fuck up the children’s lives as well

shit, i didn’t see that he had kids

no fuck that, fuck this whole response, “think of the children” is such a fucking privileged response to give to shit like this, because literally nobody says “think of the children” when they’re not white children. nobody cares about the well-being of children of color; we’ve seen this over and over and over again, not even last week i saw you reblog a post about an 8 year old child being shot in the face! simply! for playing outside! and being black! so i know you KNOW this is bullshit. nobody on tumblr is ~fucking up their lives~. do you know who is? their dad. for being an offensive, racist shithead, and causing public outcry over HIS deliberate and conscious actions that reflect poorly on his place of employment. if he gets fired, it’s his OWN fucking fault, and HE is the one who ruined his children’s lives if he’s unemployable after that. does it suck? yeah, sure. do i care? actually, fucking, i don’t, because these are the consequences of HIS actions alone. excusing disgusting, bigoted, behavior because of ~the children~ does nothing but send the insidious fucking message to these children and other white children that their continued comfort is more important than combatting racist behavior. 

you’re right.

that was ignorant of me.

i looked up his facebook info and i'm now sure he has a son between ages 4 and 6 , it's listed there

christ that’s so fucking depressing

i'm trying to think of like what's the most ethical apprehension in this situation. like it's just like YEAH he should get punished but it shouldn't be at the expense of children he has to support liKE?

make him do volunteer work @ some medical charity, imo

alternately make him sit down and listen to a roomful of ebola survivors FROM AFRICA for 15 straight hours and he isnt allowed to talk, at all